Startup-Tec® Features

  • Provides cleaner startups with 90% to 100% less dust and brushing.
  • Significant reduction of mottling discoloration on all types of finishes.
  • Typically eliminates “hot startups” that exposes quartz and aggregates.
  • Strongly sequesters metal ions that stain surfaces and form calcium film.
  • More brilliant exposure of pigmented and pebble type finishes.
  • Advanced multi-sequestrant formulation . . . no phosphates or acids.
  • Reduces warranty issues, lawsuits, and replastering of damaged pools.
  • Swimmers can use pool immediately

George J. Hagelis
Claremont, California
December 3, 2007

Brooks Marindin
Long Beach, California
September, 2007

Francisco J. Soto
Harbor City, California

Buckner Pool Works
Orange, California

Sparkle Water Management
Janurary, 2006
Sante Fe Springs, California

Heritage Pool Plastering
August, 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada

Magic Technologies
April, 2008
Apopka, Florida

Magic Marcite
April, 2008

Miami Pools
May, 2009