Beautec® Features

    Superior Scale-Stain Controller

  • Absolutely phosphate free formula.
  • Aggressively prevents and removes scale and stain buildup.
  • Salt cell de-scaler (without acids), protector and prolongs cell lifespan.
  • Controls calcium (up to 1,000 ppm) and hard silicates (up to 300 ppm).
  • Strongly sequesters iron, copper, and manganese metals.
  • Protects all equipment: filter, heater, water auto-leveler, salt cell, and solar unit.
  • Provides long lasting protection: pool finish, tile and equipment.

    Beautec® Benefits

  • Affordable year-round protection.
  • Extends life of salt cell generators.
  • Prevent future costly washing and tile cleaning.
  • Advanced Synertec formula is both acid-free and phosphate-free.
  • Chlorine stable multi-polymers lasts for months, not weeks.